Matthews Claret

Matthews Claret

Thrilling consistency, ridiculous value

Young wine regions sometimes struggle to find their identity, but with the Matthews Claret, we’re showing that Washington can present classic wines that resonate in any market. This widely loved red is a Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet, Merlot, and Cab Franc, rounded out with a touch of Malbec and Petit Verdot—classic Bordeaux varietals that thrive here in Washington. The Claret has become a “go-to” wine for many people, the kind of bottle that pairs equally well with an opulent night out or burgers in the backyard. Our unique access to amazing vineyard sites and a state-of-the-art facility allows us to produce this boutique quality wine at a more accessible scale and deliver a tremendous wine to our fans.

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With the Claret you get more complexity, more fruit, more texture—a little bit more of everything—than you might expect from a wine at this price point. It’s a gently oaked, medium-full bodied wine with great texture and a long, graceful finish. The flavor profile is classic, approachable, and incredibly consistent year after year. Expect to taste plenty of ripe fruit—plum, currant, blackberry, strawberry—with hints of vanilla, clove and tobacco. This wine is designed to be drinkable, now and well into its teenage years.

Big fruit balanced with great tannins and acidity make the Claret is a wonderful and versatile food wine. It pairs well with steak, lamb and gamier meats like venison. It loves a pasta, a shepherd’s pie or a hearty stew. It’s a great compliment to chicken, duck, and even rich fish like salmon or tuna. It’s great for a group that includes aficionados and novice wine drinkers, or a dinner party with friends who you don’t need to impress but want to anyway. It’s the perfect thing to reach for on a Friday night out or on a Tuesday, when you really just feel like crackers and good cheese for dinner and a little dark chocolate for dessert.

Our decision making process for every vintage starts in the fields. We’ve cultivated a great vineyard program with sites chosen for their unique characteristics and their consistency. These are growers that we have eight, nine, ten year relationships with, and we source from all across Washington state—Columbia Valley, Yakima Valley, Walla Walla, Red Mountain, Royal Slope, Wahluke Slope. This diversity enables us to be incredibly choosy about what goes into our blends and to produce a wine that is remarkably consistent in its presentation.

The scale of our vineyard program and the sophistication of our facility enable us to produce this blend at a more accessible volume while maintaining nuanced control and attention to craft. As a Bordeaux style, Claret goes back to the very roots of blending wine, and putting it together is a patient, meticulous, multi-week process. When we’re crafting the aromatics and the taste of the Claret, we’re looking to create a wine that is elegant, understandable and enjoyable for any consumer anywhere in the world.

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