Welcome the 2014 Claret

(Above: The 2014 Matthews Claret)

The 2014 Claret: a new vintage, a new process, and a new label.

The 2013 Matthews Claret recently received high international recognition being named No. 27 on Wine Spectator’s prestigious list of Top 100 wines in the world. Each year, we make a limited amount of Claret. If you are looking to source the 2014 Claret, there are several ways you can order it for yourself:

1. Stop by our Woodinville tasting room. Come visit us in our newly renovated Tasting Room + Farm to enjoy the Claret in a serene farm setting alongside local charcuterie. We are open everyday, 12noon - 5:30pm. We love meeting our fans! (Google Maps link)

2. Order the Claret on Amazon. We want to make it as easy as possible for our fans to get their hands on the Claret. We know many of our fans love using Amazon. Click here to add the Claret to your cart. We ship directly from Woodinville, WA. (Please note: all shipments are weather dependent, in order to protect the wine. We will try to ship as fast as we can, but we won’t ever put your wine at risk for heat or cold damage.)

3. Ask your local wine shop to carry the Claret. We work with some of the top distribution companies in the United States. Wondering if Matthews is available in your state? Simply provide the name of our distributor or your local wine shop and they will be able to source the wine for you. Click here for a list of states and our distributors.

In honor of our newest Claret vintage, we've made a short video that shows all meticulous decisions that go into making this wine.

Want to know more about the history of the Matthews Claret, including the backstory on the "Claret" name, how it was previously made in our cramped Woodinville winery, where it is made now (Walla Walla), and all the other little details about our signature wine? Click here for a blog article that details all these out!

Thanks for your support! We love making this wine for our fans, and hope some makes its way onto your table soon.