Matthews Sauvignon Blanc

Matthews Sauvignon Blanc

Pleasantly exuberant – a Washington summer in your glass


The Matthews Sauvignon Blanc is a wine for the connoisseur and the consumer alike. A wine that you could sit and deconstruct, or simply sit on your patio and enjoy. It delivers big, ripe flavors—heavy on tropical fruits—but layered with spicy, green aromatics and an abundance of food-loving acidity. Sauv blanc is the most prominent of the white Bordeaux varietals, where it’s hailed for its bright grassy flavors and herbal aromatics. If you move inland to France’s equally-famed Loire region, you get more earthy, fruit forward profiles, with a touch of chalky minerality. Sauv blanc grown in Washington runs the gamut between both extremes, and we aim for the middle. We’ve been very careful to maintain a specific and consistent style for the Matthews Sauv Blanc that is big and ripe but still balanced and complex.

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Pineapple, guava, mango, grapefruit, with a touch of lime or creamy lemon

This wine is rich but bracing. Ripe and chewy in your mouth, with plenty of bright acidity on the finish. Expect lots of tropical notes—pineapple, guava, mango, grapefruit—with a touch of lime or creamy lemon. Look deeper and you’ll find notes of honeysuckle flower and some minerality, like rain-wet slate. Subtle notes of green grass, pear, toffee and fennel create a surprisingly complex bouquet, but they don’t prevent this from being an easy wine for anyone to love. Like summer, it is beautiful but fleeting. Enjoy this wine in its first, second or possibly third summer, while the volume and fruit are at their peak.


Artichoke dip, grilled asparagus, fresh tomatoes, spicy tapas, raw oysters or black cod

The Sauv Blanc is summer in a glass, and it loves summer foods. It’s ideal before dinner with some artichoke dip, creamy cheese or grilled asparagus. It’s a great friend of fresh tomatoes, but substantial enough to pair with chicken or spicy tapas. It brings out the very best in raw oysters, and it’s the perfect sip between bites of scallop or black cod, but it’s equally at home around a communal bowl of steamed clams. Whether you want to really focus on your meal, or just have a tasty glass of something while watching the sun go down, this is a reliably rewarding summer wine to reach for.

In the Vineyards

Lower yields from our sauv blanc sites result in concentrated flavors with intensity, structure, and abundant acid

Sauv Blanc is notoriously finicky, requiring lots of flexibility and vigilance in the vineyard, and displaying tremendous variation year over year—even between nearby sites. This is a challenge, but also something we love about it, because it is such a true reflection of its terroir. We strive to produce a very consistent flavor profile, so we source grapes from different areas and tend the sites accordingly. Hotter sites get more leaf canopy to mellow their intensity, while cooler sited get more sun exposure to enhance that tropical profile. Generally we get lower yields from our sauv blanc sites, resulting in concentrated flavors with intensity, structure, and abundant acid.

In the Winery

This wine is generally bottled young to capture and hold onto that summer ripeness

The goal with the sauv blanc is to get it into the press as fast as possible. We ferment primarily in stainless steel to mellow the fruit from the warmer sites, but also in concrete, to enhance the minerality and grassiness we get from the cooler sites. Every year, we look at what the year has given us and adjust our blending process to maintain the fruit and texture we want to see, but this wine is generally bottled young—as early as 4-5 months after press—to capture and hold onto that summer ripeness.

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